Research Students Summer Conference – Advisory Committee

The team behind this year’s conference are:

Heather Jeffery (Co-chair) – Heather is in the third year of her PhD, which investigates the influence of tourism on Tunisian gender identities, at Middlesex University Business School. She feels strongly about a research student presence in all areas of university life, she is very happy that the research student summer conference is now a university wide event, as the conference provides students with a safe environment to gain experience presenting to an academic audience.

Fiona Atwood (Co-chair)– Feona works in the School of Media and Performing Arts. Her research is in sexualities, new technologies and pornographies. She has worked with many postgraduate students over the years as a tutor and supervisor, but also as a fellow researcher and colleague. She is interested in the ways that students can help universities to develop the kinds of support they most need and she is really pleased that students are becoming more involved in planning and organising the research student summer conference.

Luke Devereux (Co-chair)-Luke is a third year PhD in the Business School and looks at corporate identity.

Nicole Skinnermore info soon

This event also could not have taken place without the dedicated help of the Research Students Summer Conference Advisory Committee either. We will update this list as soon as we can, as there are MANY people to thank.

If you would be interested in helping out in some way shape or form, be it this year or next, please get in touch.